Studying the business of cannabis in Okanagan classrooms

Business Professor David Cram honestly thought a post-secondary course on the emerging cannabis industry would be hard to get approved and could possibly only interest a niche group of students.

“I was expecting some pushback, but the Dean’s response was that it’s our job to prepare students for today’s business world, not to teach the history of business,” said David Cram, Business Professor at Okanagan College.

Interest among students was ‘high’ and the course had the strongest attendance class after class that Prof. Cram has ever seen.

Inside the classroom, students completed projects on topics associated with marketing products or services within the cannabis industry, for example one student created a business plan for a butler service that caters to people experiencing the effects of cannabis.

“There were some very creative projects integrating cannabis with different aspects of the business world,” said Cram. “Marijuana tourism, construction requirements for licensed growing, cannabis in professional sports

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