Nemus Bioscience Advances Program on Cannabidiol Analogue for Pain Management

Nemus Bioscience will partner with the University of Mississippi (UM) to further investigate the analgesic and abuse-deterrent properties of a unique cannabidiol (CBD) analogue, known as NB2111, for the management of pain associated with disorders like fibromyalgia.

Nemus anticipates that the results of in vivo studies will add to the body of evidence showing that NB2111 has analgesic properties comparable to opioids in animal models. NB2111 has been shown previously to have anti-addictive activity against opioids in an animal model.

“The global need for an effective analgesic continues to grow with aging populations and the attendant conditions associated with diseases of old age. … Nemus plans to utilize its portfolio of cannabinoid-based therapies to develop a continuum of care for patients experiencing acute or chronic pain, as well as helping patients who may have developed an addiction to opioids convert to cannabinoid-class compounds that we believe offer analgesic coverage without the

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