Cannabinoid-based chewing gum enrolls patients in Ph II trial – In

George E. Anastassov, MD, CEO of AXIM Biotech, told us the main rationale behind using chewing gum as the delivery system for Cannabidiol (CBD) is that “the oral-pharyngeal mucosa offersextensive territory for rapid and controlled absorption of the API and the avoidance of first pass metabolism​.”

Within 20 minutes, the oral mucosa absorbs 80 to 90 percent of the active ingredient and bypasses the gut and liver metabolism​,” added Anastassov. “Chewing gum is also a socially acceptable delivery system of the API compared to smoking and other systems​.”

Canchew CBD gum. (Image: Axim Biotech)
Canchew CBD gum. (Image: Axim Biotech)

Additionally, Anastassov explained mastication is believed to improve cerebral circulation, increase the intestinal motility, enhance memory coordination, and decrease stress.