More Hope For A Cannabis Treatment For Autism

Medicinal marijuana and autism
Medicine bottle image: monicore

A small observational trial of the use of medicinal cannabis extracts in treating autism has returned positive results.

Australia’s Zelda Therapeutics sponsored a trial in Chile involving 21 patients, who were treated over at least three months. According to the company, results of the trial indicate cannabis extracts are more effective than conventional medications and are generally well tolerated.

“The results from this observational study are very exciting and supports the anecdotal evidence we have, showing the positive effect medicinal cannabis has on treating autism symptoms,” said Zelda Executive Chairman Harry Karelis.

In 71.4% of cases, patients showed significant improvement of at least one core symptom; such as those relating to social interaction, language or repetitive behaviors. In what is a very encouraging result, just over two-thirds demonstrated general overall improvement at a level

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