Multifaceted Biotech Company Poised to Begin Trading on Canadian Securities Exchange

Shares of PreveCeutical Medical Inc. are expected to begin trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange on July 14 under the symbol PREV. The company, named after its focus on preventative nutraceuticals, has a pipeline that includes a cannabidiol-infused soluble gel delivery system and a dual-gene therapy targeting obesity and diabetics.

In April, PreveCeutical formed a partnership with UniQuest Pty Limited at Queensland University in Australia. According to the company, UniQuest will conduct a research program “for the extraction, formulation and ex vivo evaluation of cannabinoids (CBDs) for local/direct nose-to-brain delivery via Sol-Gels. UniQuest is the main commercialisation company for The University of Queensland.”

“Due to increasing evidence of the clinical benefits presented by CBDs, and recent legalisation of ‘medical marijuana’ across a number of jurisdictions, PMI is seeking development and evaluation of translatable formulations for central nervous system (CNS) delivery of CBDs, for which, soluble gels (sol-gels) present an ideal

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