Is CBD the Next Big Thing for Acne?

Blackheads? Zits? Say goodbye to acne with a brand new cure—synthetic cannabis!

That, at least, is the hope of Botanix Pharmaceuticals Ltd., a dermatological company that just announced the completion of its Phase 1 clinical trial for an acne drug that incorporates synthetic cannabidiol (CBD). Called BTX 1503, the goal is that the drug could one day be an answer to acne.

Botanix began clinical trials of the drug in Australia last year. Twenty participants, all without acne symptoms, applied the synthetic cannabinoid-based topical over the course of a month to test its safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics (the amount of the drug detectable in the bloodstream after use).

Clinical trials tend to be expensive, lengthy, and uncertain. A Phase 1 Study is preliminary—it determines whether a drug is safe enough to test on actual patients. Botanix managed to complete its Phase 1 trial within 12 months, and they

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