‘Two face’ boy defies odds and baffles doctors by reaching 13 after strangers told parents to ‘put him down’

Shortly after Tres Johnson was born, doctors gave him zero chance of survival. In the years following, different medics, at various stages, reaffirmed that crushing prognosis – death was imminent.

However, the miracle boy has just celebrated his 13th birthday as he continues to defy the odds and leave top medical professionals positively baffled.

Tres,, from Bernie, Missouri, US, was born with the rare ‘two face’ condition, craniofacial duplication, a disorder caused by the SHH protein that alters the formation of the skull and face.

One of only 36 cases worldwide, he was born with a large cleft, his eyes spaced further apart, two separate nostrils, an abnormally shaped head, cognitive delays and he also suffers from seizures.

His parents Brandy and Joshua continue to fight for their son’s life while amazed doctors do not understand how he is alive as many with the condition are stillborn.

Doctors have repeatedly given

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