New study finally supports cannabidiol for seizures

Previously, support for medicinal marijuana has been based on anecdotal data. Now there could be science backing it.

A new study published on Thursday (NZ time) has found medicine made from a marijuana extract can dramatically cut the number of seizures experienced by children with a severe form of epilepsy.

It’s the first time a double-blind placebo-controlled trial has been done on it.

The research has excited the doctors who led the study, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, as it finally provides reliable data as opposite to anecdotal.

“More than 26 percent of the children who received the drug had a significant reduction in their convulsive, or severe seizures compared to the placebo group so it was a very positive finding, it was statistically significant and more importantly, it was clinically significant,” lead researcher Dr Orrin Devinsky said.

“Some of those children were actually seizure-free and many others enjoyed

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