Science and FDA Say Cannabis Is Medicine but DEA Insists It Isn’t

In May, Drug Enforcement Agency acting administrator Chuck Rosenberg caused a stir by proclaiming, in a speech in Ohio, that “marijuana is not medicine.”

Many people immediately disagreed, including The Hill, which wrote that Rosenberg might as well have said “the Earth is flat.”

But what’s even more interesting is that the Food and Drug Administration has already approved two marijuana-based medicines for treatment of nausea in chemotherapy patients and help increase appetite in those with AIDS who have experienced extreme weight loss.

Rosenberg’s statement also flies in the face of voters in more than half the U.S. states who have made medical marijuana legal.

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The Context of Rosenberg’s Comments

Unlike the drugs approved by the FDA, Rosenberg was addressing the “smoking” of marijuana. However, many of the products that fall into the medical marijuana category come in many different forms, including

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