Cannabis Helps Cure Epilepsy; Study Reveals | Business Recorder

A new study reveals another benefit of cannabis: treatment of a rare and severe form of epilepsy in children.

Dravet syndrome is a very uncommon and often fatal epilepsy disorder. It was discovered that cannabidiol, the derivative of cannabis, was able to decrease the frequency of convulsive seizures for the patients by 39% during the first large-scale clinical trial for the compound.

Cannabidiol which is also known as CBD, is a type of compound with is found in the marijuana plant and does not hold psychoactive properties which can stimulate a high.

Telegraph reported Professor Orrin Devinsky, the lead researcher saying, “Cannabidiol should not be viewed as a panacea for epilepsy, but for patients with especially severe forms who have not responded to numerous medications, these results provide hope that we may soon have another treatment option.”

He further continued, “We still need more research, but

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