Pharmaceutical CBD (cannabidiol) shows promise for children with severe epilepsy

The largest CBD study presented efficacy and safety data on GW Pharmaceutical’s investigational medicine, Epidiolex (cannabidiol) from open-label Expanded Access programs at 16 sites. The study (abstract 3.034) involves 261 people, predominantly children, who have severe epilepsy that had not responded adequately to other treatments. The average age of the participants was 11. Over the course of 12 weeks, the study participants were given Epidiolex in gradually increasing doses. In all cases, Epidiolex was added to current AED treatment regimes. On average, patients were taking approximately three other AEDs. Participants and their families/caregivers recorded the number of seizures prior to taking CBD and during the 12 weeks of treatment. Clinicians also tested hematologic, liver and kidney function as well as AED levels before treatment and then at four, eight and 12 weeks during the study.

After three months of treatment, the frequency of all seizures was reduced by a median of

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