Tucson girl battling rare brain syndrome

TUCSON (KVOA) — A young Tucson girl is in a Phoenix hospital, suffering from an extremely rare brain syndrome.  Now, her family is finding new hope, through an equally rare and revolutionary treatment.

“One day, she was just a healthy young lady, going to school, participating in her community and her gymnastics, and the next day – fighting for her life,” Maryann Lujan, Annalise Lujan’s mom, told Kristi’s Kids.

Maryann, and her husband, Paul, have been spending their days and nights at Phoenix Children’s Hospital beside Annalise’s bedside.

“We had no idea that our whole world would be 180-degrees turned around in such devastation, such heartache, such confusion,” Paul Lujan told Kristi’s Kids.

It was April 2nd, when Annalise, 12, had been competing in a Tucson gymnastics competition. That’s when this little girl, who until now, had been so healthy, began to break-down.

“By her fourth event, she just couldn’t move. She couldn’t walk. She

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