Entrepreneurs, Investors and Medical Professionals Accelerate …

International Canna Pro Expo Connects Healthcare Professionals, Investors, and Entrepreneurs Interested in the Business of Medical Cannabis – When considering North American sales of medical and recreational cannabis grew by an unprecedented 30% in 2016, the accelerating pace of legalization across the United States, and an ever-expanding list of medicinal uses, it’s no surprise why savvy investors are flocking to medical cannabis to claim their stake in the industry.

At the fore front of this financial tidal wave comes the International Canna Pro Expo (ICPE), a medical cannabis industry conference for healthcare and business professionals, June 24 25, 2017, at the Sheraton Hotel Downtown in Philadelphia, PA. Read more about ICPE operations at: http://marketnewsupdates.com/news/cpexpo.html

The ICPE will connect entrepreneurs, investors, medical professionals, and advocates through a variety of engaging panel discussions, industry trend topics, scientific lectures, and networking opportunities, designed to build relationships within the

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