Intec Pharma (NTEC) Begins Phase 1 Cannabinoid Clinical Trial


On Wednesday, Intec Pharma Ltd (NASDAQ:NTEC) announced that it had initiated a Phase 1 clinical program to evaluate its delivery system for marijuana-based therapeutics. The product, which is called the “Accordion Pill,” is a proprietary delivery system for the company’s marijuana-based therapeutics, which are being developed for a number of indications – including pain management.

“The progression of AP-CBD/THC into the clinic is a significant achievement for Intec and marks a major step forward in developing a potential new therapy for pain management,” said the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Zeev Weiss. “It is also our first demonstration of the Accordion Pill platform for cannabinoid therapies.”

The company’s accordion pill is an orally-administered way of delivering the company’s treatments via efficient gastric retention and a specific release mechanism. In the Phase 1 program, Intec will be evaluating

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