This All-Natural Cancer Treatment Is Saving Lives

Say the word “cancer” and most people feel one thing: fear. That’s because, now more than ever, cancer seems to strike across such a broad range of categories — young, old, thin, fat, athletic, stationary and everything in between. With cancer’s prevalence, so too are its “cures,” many of which are wishy-washy in the name of science. But there’s one all-natural remedy for cancer that’s surprising scientists and patients alike: cannabis.

How cannabis oil kills cancer cells

It’s well known that cannabis can help to alleviate pain and nausea associated with chemotherapy, but can cannabis oil actually kill cancer cells? A number of studies point in that direction, and the anecdotal evidence is stacking up as well.

Here’s how it works: There are at least 60 known cannabinoids in cannabis, which activate the cannabinoid receptors that naturally exist in the body. One of the most well-known compounds, THC, produces

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