What are the risks and rewards of medicinal cannabis?

He believes much of the misinformation is spread on social media.

“Some people believe that when you are talking about medicinal cannabis, it is the same as taking the drugs recreationally.

“Some people think you can smoke joints to help epilepsy.”

It is entirely understandable that patients with some conditions try some of the oils available, particularly when patients are in chronic pain and other drugs have failed.

Hemp oils with only traces of the psychoactive component THC are sold over the counter legally in shops, and ordered online.

But Murphy warns that some people have become attached to the issue of legalising the drugs as a medicine for “non-medical reasons”.

“When you see imagery being used of cannabis leaves and terminology you would associate with recreational use, that is doing everybody a disservice – particularly those who may or may not get benefit from medicinal cannabis.” Neurologist Dr Sweeney says there should be particular concerns

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