So some states legalized recreational marijuana. What’s in it for hemp? – NutraIngredients

In this year’s presidential election, a majority of voters in California, Massachusetts, and Nevada agreed that recreational marijuana should be legal
, while in Maine, it was too close to call (and though votes lean towards “yes” in the first count, the opposing group can still challenge it and request a recount). California’s Proposition 64 explicitly mentioned hemp
, and so did Massachusetts
’ Question 4.

The propositions included clear definitions of how hemp is distinct from marijuana, and included a clause that clearly states hemp should be regulated differently from marijuana.

“Proposition 64 significantly expands what’s possible, it’s not just limited to university research anymore,” said Eric Steenstra, executive director of the Hemp Industries Association
, about the ballot’s impact on hemp.

Though Steenstra could only speak about California’s proposition—HIA provided input during the Proposition 64’s drafting process—the clear distinction and definitions of hemp

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