Missouri Republican Fights for Medical Marijuana Bill

MO Capitol

My home state of Missouri has an opportunity to pass a medical marijuana bill this session, and a Republican is leading the fight. It is imperative to have a member of the GOP leading the way as the Show-Me State has gone from a “purple” swing state to a “deep red” Republican-controlled state in recent years. With the GOP outpacing the Democrats 116 to 45 (with one vacancy) in the Missouri State House and 24 to 9 (with one vacancy) in the Senate, and Eric Greitens in the Governor’s Mansion, nothing can be done without Republican support.

Thankfully, Republican Jim Neely is leading the fight by urging his colleagues to pass a medical cannabis bill in America’s Heartland. Remarkably, Jackson County Sheriff Mike Sharp joined Neely in testifying in support of the House Bill 437

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