UK Cannabis Biotech gets another Orphan Drug Designation by the FDA

Cambridge based GW Pharmaceuticals has now been granted Orphan Drug Designation from FDA for Cannabidiol drug to treat a 3rd rare genetic form of epilepsy.

GW_PHARMA_biotech_fda_orphan_tuberous_SclerosisGW Pharmaceuticals has been granted Orphan Drug Designation for cannabidiol (CBD) for the treatment of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). Epidiolex is a liquid formulation of pure plant-derived CBD, which is in development for the treatment of a number of rare pediatric epilepsy disorders.

GW Pharma recently began a phase III trial with 200 patients with TSC, and will last for 16 weeks. If the results are positive, this new Orphan Drug Designation could really speed the market authorization in the US.


GW Pharma’s Cannabidiol production farms (Source: GW Pharmaceuticals)

TSC is a rare genetic disorder, the most common symptom of

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