Demand for CBD still outstrips supply despite production expansion, hemp grower says – NutraIngredients

The supply of industrial hemp is ramping up quickly, as a company formed by growers in Kentucky reported $2 million in payments to farmers for the 2016 crop. But demand for CBD still far outstrips supply, a company officer said.

The company, called Atalo Holdings Inc. a diversified industrial hemp research and production company in Winchester, KY., announced the payouts to their growers’ group yesterday.  The company’s officers are all also growers themselves.

Diversified operation

In addition to growing the raw material, the company also does crude refining of the plant into material that can be sold on for further refining into cannabidiol (CBD) for dietary supplements and other applications.  Atalo also has a research partnership with the University of Kentucky and operates several subsidiaries—Super Food Processing, KentuckyCBD and Kentucky Hemp Seed RD—that are housed at a facility known as the Hemp Research Campus in Winchester. Among its research efforts the

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