Shawn Vestal: Butch Otter’s reefer madness needs a cure – The Spokesman

He’s the one and only.

As the nation slowly stands down from its counterproductive and expensive war on marijuana, Idaho Gov. Butch Otter has staked out a unique position.

He’s the only governor in the nation to have vetoed a bill that would allow people to use cannabidiol, or CBD, to treat inflammation, seizures, pain and other symptoms of chronic illness.

It’s truly reefer madness. As the libertarian magazine Reason has pointed out in its dogged coverage of Otter on this issue, 17 states have passed laws allowing patients to use CBD while not fully legalizing medical marijuana, including red state upon red state. Oklahoma. North Carolina, Utah, Mississippi …

Seems like an easy call, and yet Otter is having a monumentally hard time with it. In a news conference Friday, he reiterated his opposition to CBD, saying he didn’t want to “open that whole area of potential disaster.”

Meanwhile, people in Idaho who

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