Kiva releases cannabis chocolate bars despite difficulty imposed by state regulation

Kiva customers have been asking the company for a Cannabidiol (CBD) product for years, “so the decision to make a CBD bar was easy,” Kiva’s co-founder and COO, Kristi Knoblich, told ConfectioneryNews.

In addition to the chocolate bar launch, Kiva has been manufacturing chocolate Terra bites, including blueberries and espresso beans that are covered with chocolate, for several years now. 

“We are also gearing up to produce non-chocolate and sugar free confections this year which will be a first for us,” Knoblich added.

Controllable dose

Kiva bars are made up of four combined squares each and they come in eight varieties, including ginger dark chocolate and mint Irish cream milk chocolate. Their products are available at about 900 collectives across California.

Kiva’s 60 mg CBD/THC Espresso Bar retails for $18, and its Ginger 120 mg CBD/THC bar for $32.

“A Kiva consumer is looking for the ability to control their dose. They may be

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