Cannabidiol May Reduce the Frequency and Severity of Epileptic Seizures

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Treatment with cannabidiol (CBD) improves the frequency and severity of seizures in children and adults with epilepsy, according to research presented at the American Epilepsy Society annual meeting in Huston, Texas.

The findings are based on an open label,* expanded access clinical trial to test the effect of CBD in epilepsy.

The study involved 81 people (42 children and 39 adults) with drug-resistant epilepsy whose condition was confirmed by Video EEG. All participants had failed to respond to at least four antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) and experienced, on average, four seizures per month. The severity of the seizures was measured using the Chalfont Seizure Severity Scale.

The results showed that after one month of treatment with CBD, the frequency of seizures was reduced in the majority of participants. Two third of the subjects also experienced a reduction in the severity

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