Cannabinoid Drug Advancements Take Off After Quantum Shift in …

Vitality Biopharma, Inc. (OTCQB: VBIO), a corporation dedicated to the development of cannabinoid prodrug pharmaceuticals, and to unlocking the power of cannabinoids for the treatment of serious neurological and inflammatory disorders, today announced that it is advancing its cannabosides pharmaceuticals for treatment of narcotic bowel syndrome, a severe form of opiate-induced abdominal pain.    

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Every day more than 650,000 opioid prescriptions are dispensed by US pharmacies, resulting in over 200 million opioid prescriptions dispensed annually.  Studies have reported that up to 81% of patients treated with opiates have functional bowel disorders, but these common symptoms may lead to underdiagnosis of opiate-induced severe abdominal pain. More than half (58%) of opiate users have reported chronic abdominal pain in independently-conducted clinical studies, and narcotic bowel syndrome is the most severe form of this disorder, where abdominal pain paradoxically increases despite

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