Major medical marijuana trial going on in NZ – National – NZ Herald …

Loading Dr Peter Bergin is leading a clinical trial looking to see how a gel based from cannabis extract might work with epilepsy patients to stop or reduce seizures. Photo / Jason Oxenham

A major medical marijuana trial is underway in New Zealand – testing the effects of a new cannabis gel on epilepsy patients.

The Ministry of Health has given the green light for Kiwis to be part of the ground-breaking clinical trial, investigating the effects of the newly-developed cannabidiol gel ZYN002 in stopping or reducing epileptic seizures.

Across Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Christchurch, 12-week trials have been going on with the last wave of New Zealanders being recruited before the trial ends in late November. Also running across 10 centres in Australia, a total of 210 adult patients will be involved.

Every 12 hours, patients rub the gel into their upper arms and shoulders. However, the

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