Investing in #Marijuana and #Hemp #Stocks; The Market Gets Bigger Following Election

November 9, 2016 ( Newswire), a global news source and investor resource issues an updated directory and news alert for Marijuana and Hemp Stocks following the US election and the legalization in new States.

Approved: California voters approved recreational marijuana

Approved: Massachusetts also voted for recreational marijuana

Approved: Nevada approved recreational marijuana

Approved: Florida voters passed a constitutional amendment to legalize medical marijuana

Approved: North Dakota voted to legalize medical marijuana

Expert Michael Weiner notes,”With several states legalizing recreational and medicinal marijuana last night many investors, banks, and entrepreneurs are wondering about how to navigate the newly opened legal waters to cash in on cannabis. “

“The really interesting thing is that now that California and Massachusetts have legalized, the industry in each state will generate huge sums of cash that will dwarf the amounts currently generated by the cannabis industry. I think this will cause the banking industry to push Congress to provide a legislative

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