Clinical trial opens in Australia for people with Osteoarthritis knee pain

A new clinical trial is now open in Australia for people with Osteoarthritis knee pain.

People who have been medically diagnosed as having Osteoarthritis in one OR both knees for at least the past 12 months could be eligible for a clinical trial of a skin gel containing cannabidiol.

Participating Clinics include leading hospitals and medical centres in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

Study medication and medical check-ups by doctors, specialists, and qualified medical professionals are free of charge.

Travel costs for each Clinic visit will also be reimbursed.

This clinical trial has been reviewed and approved in accordance with the AustralianHuman Research Ethics Committee process.

Find out more and see if you might be eligible at 


Version 1 AU Digital Mantra Group | TrialWire Newscaster ZYN2-CL-005 25 Oct 2016




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