The Dangers of Snake-Oil Treatments for Autism

Lord says that for those children who can and want to type, it can be beneficial. But there’s no guarantee that all children with autism can learn to type. “There are a very small number of people with autism who you’d think could never type, who do become able to type independently,” Lord says.

Today, Emma takes three classes at her brother’s school and is otherwise homeschooled. She wants to get her high school diploma someday, which looks like a real possibility. She still gets occupational therapy, but quit speech therapy after deciding she didn’t like it. She loves to listen to music, dance, wear frilly dresses, and write for the blog she’s taken over from her mother.

Typing has been a boon; last year, for instance, Emma told her mother she was having stomach pains, something she couldn’t have easily conveyed before. Still, she continues to face serious challenges.

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