Medical Molly

Baroness Molly Meacher is not your stereotypical cannabis legalisation campaigner. Smartly dressed in a tailored turquoise jacket and matching necklace, the 76-year-old life peer explains to me that  she’s relatively uninterested in recreational uses of the drug. However, she became convinced of its therapeutic benefits during her previous career as a social worker.

“I did social work because I was doing a lot of policy work on unemployment and poverty,” she reveals. “I thought ‘here I am, a middle class person who doesn’t know anything about the world really,’ and i wanted to understand what I was talking about.”

“I worked in mental health over many years and I would ask patients ‘why do you take cannabis?’ and they would tell me ‘because it makes me feel human’. They’d say ‘it may make my voices a bit worse, but it’s worth it because it just makes me feel

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