Report: US Prescription and Hospital Costs Continue to Outpace Those of Other Countries

Drug and hospital prices in the United States are consistently higher than those in other countries, according to a report from the International Federation of Health Plans (IFHP). The IFHP is a global network of health insurance companies, with 80 members in 25 countries.

For its 2015 survey, the group gathered prices from participating countries’ plans and from public or commercial sectors, as follows:

  • Prices for the United States were derived from more than 370 million medical claims and more than 170 million pharmacy claims that reflected prices negotiated and paid to health care providers.
  • Prices for Australia, New Zealand, Spain, South Africa, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom were obtained from the private sector, with data provided by one private health plan in each country.

The values reported were estimates of 2014 prices based on 2014 claims.

Here’s how the average prices of a 30-day supply of certain medications compared between the U.S. and other

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