Heart attack case study: ‘If it wasn’t for my quick-thinking wife I wouldn’t be here’

William Newell (48), who had a heart attack in October 2015, with his wife Amanda

Kilkeel man William Newell is one heart attack survivor who knows only too well how the life-changing event can creep up on a seemingly healthy person “in a heartbeat”.

And the 48-year-old was lucky his wife Amanda acted on her suspicions that the discomfort her husband experienced after a bike ride last year was something much more sinister.

William explained: “Up until October last year I was a relatively active man. I travelled quite a bit with work, covering 91,000 air miles in 2015 alone.

“When I was away I would have used the gym facilities, so I was by no means inactive.”

It was after he returned from a bicycle ride last October that an unknown and underlying heart condition surfaced. “After returning from a cycle ride that day

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