New Trial of Cannabidiol Gel to Treat Epilepsy

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Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, a US-based pharmaceutical company, has ‘dosed’ the first participant in its STAR1 clinical trial, which aims to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of a cannabidiol gel called ZYN002 in adults with refractory focal epilepsy.

Armando Anido, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Zynerba Pharmaceuticals, said in a press release: “The dosing of the first patients in the STAR 1 clinical trial in adults with refractory epilepsy is a significant milestone for the company.” He added: “We are pleased by the pace of the clinical program for ZYN002.”

The randomised phase two clinical trial aims to recruit 180 adults with refractory, or drug resistant, epilepsy. Following an eight-week baseline period to assess their seizure types and frequencies, the participants will receive one of two different doses of the drug, or an identical looking placebo, every

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