Virginia allows production of medical marijuana oil for Epilepsy

Dr. Paul Lyons, an epileptologist at Winchester Neurological Consultants, said the 20 patients with LGS epilepsy who enrolled in open label trials, as well as a double blind clinical trial for Epidiolex had life-changing results.

“Parents have told me that they have seen their children walk more effectively, laugh for the first time, reach for objects, track, have more meaningful relationships with their family members and caregivers.”

Epidiolex is made from CBD oil, which comes from marijuana leaves but doesn’t have any recreational use.

“The medications we used are derived from cannabis are not psychoactive, meaning they don’t make you high, they don’t cause euphoria, and in that way this is not a substance of a abuse, but rather a medication that can help treat a very serious disease,” Dr, Lyons said.

The medical trials were the only way

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