UNMC to study cannabidiol use to fight drug-resistant epilepsy

The University of Nebraska Medical Center is seeking 25 patients for a clinical research study that investigates the use of cannabidiol in patients with drug resistant epilepsy when taken in addition to current medication. Cannabidiol is an extract from the Cannabis sativa plant.

Dr. Chris Kratochvil is the associate vice chancellor for clinical research at UNMC and vice president of research at Nebraska Medicine. He says, “One of the aspects of this study is that we will be able to take a look at cannabidiol, which is a novel investigational treatment and see do we think that the use of this can be safe and can be effective for the treatment of seizure disorders.”

A UNMC committee will select participants. To be considered, patients must have treatment resistant seizures even with the use of current available treatment.  Patients must be between the ages of 1 to 60, be a resistant of the

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