Judge orders Illinois to add PTSD to medical marijuana program list

A judge orders Illinois to add PTSD to medical marijuana program(Photo credit: David McNew/Getty Images)

Cook County judge orders Rauner administration to add PTSD to medical cannabis program.

It’s been a lively week in Illinois medical marijuana news.

Just one day after medical cannabis program director Joseph Wright resigned from his position, a Cook County judge has ruled that Illinois must add post traumatic stress disorder to the state’s list of conditions that qualify for medical cannabis treatment, as reported by the Associated Press.

An expert medical cannabis advisory panel has previously recommended the state add various conditions, including PTSD, to the medical cannabis program. However, these recommendations need approval from Illinois health director Nirav Shah, and the governor-appointed director has flatly rejected the panel’s recommendations on multiple occasions.

Per the AP:

The sternly worded ruling says Director Nirav Shah “engaged in

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