Mountain Opinion: Let’s Normalize Marijuana and Make Prescription Pain Killers Taboo


While the reasons are vast and often inexplicable, marijuana has long existed on society’s fringe—whether in recreational circles or within the medical community as a means of treating ailments. Classified as a drug, it was a focus in what we know now as a misguided war. (In 2014, despite legalization in several states, marijuana still accounted for 45 percent of all drug arrests in the U.S.)

But the tide is changing. As it should. Two weeks ago, medical examiners announced that Prince–one of the most iconic musicians of all time–died of opioid overdose—the dangerous, synthetic substance found in prescription pain medicine. Michael Jackson, equally as iconic, shared a similar fate. And so many action sports athletes have been affected as well. Which is why it’s time to flip the script: let’s end our addiction to prescription pain medicine. Marijuana needs to

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