Another Reason Cannabis is a Socially Responsible Investment

The title of the article was, “The Undeniable Evils of Capitalism.”

The guy who wrote it was clearly a fool.

If there’s one thing that really fires me up, it’s some moral do-gooder who seeks to place the burden of blame for the world’s problems on what is the greatest force for good in the world: capitalism.

The truth is, I actually take offense to the suggestion that those who seek to utilize capitalism as a mechanism to wealth and prosperity are somehow evil. Especially when you consider that capitalism is also the greatest catalyst for positive change in our world today.

No Apologies

If you’re a regular reader of these pages, you know that I’m incredibly opposed to the war on drugs.

Without a doubt, the war on drugs has been one of the most violent wars ever waged against the global community. This is one of the reasons I invest in the legal cannabis

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