Surgery Helps Baby With Epilepsy Having Over 100 Seizures a Day

Zacchaio’s loving and forward-thinking parents knew he was special when he came into the world two months early with some unique patterns of coloration on his beautiful baby skin. His physicians suspected that a genetic disorder had influenced the formation of his skin before birth, and since the prenatal development of the skin and brain are interconnected, it was not a complete surprise when Zacchaio developed epilepsy five months later.

Zacchaio’s parents are both in the nursing profession, and their advocacy for his health is steadfast and highly informed. They did not wait long to explore their options. When Zacchaio continued to have over 100 seizures a day despite treatment for about six weeks with conventional medications and cannabidiol oil – a form of medical marijuana that has been known to help with epilepsy in some cases – they traveled across the country for consultations at three

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