MGC Pharmaceuticals to sell cannabis cosmetics in Australia soon; Company looking to grow medical marijuana at a …

In two to three months time, Australians may be able to buy cannabis cosmetics products as medicinal and cosmetic cannabis company MGC Pharmaceuticals is seeking approval to do so Down Under. The company wants to grow medicinal cannabis in Australia, pursue research opportunities with Australian universities, extend its medical marijuana clinical trial program to include Australia and sell its cannabis-based cosmetics products in Australia.

MGC’s initial cannabis-based products include anti-ageing mask, sun-protective moisturiser, eye serum and facial cream. While the company awaits Australia’s regulatory approval, it has signed a distribution agreement in the Czech Republic. It is also pursuing such agreements for cosmetic products in the United States, France, Germany and Poland. However, MGC’s main focus is on growing medicinal cannabis in Australia and elsewhere.

It also wants to sell an extract from cannabidiol for medical use. It is a non-psychoactive compound. MGC has identified cannabidiol may be useful in treating Alzheimer’s,

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